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Our Initiatives

The Beautiful Beginning


Vocal For Local

A Go-Green Initiative

For every purchase of our product, we are giving away free eco-friendly plantable pen/pencil, procured locally from NGOs, Ecotatv & Neev, which sustain the PWD community by providing them with employment.

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Different Looks Similar Souls


Pets make the world a better place to live in and we are inspired to build a community for making pet parenting a simple, happy, hassle-free, and wonderful experience.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there had been multiple incidents in the media wherein we observed that there was a huge influx of people who adopted pets during the lockdown. But the downside to that was a number of animals being abandoned on streets also increased manifolds. 

Seeing and observing these trends, The FIRP (Forum of International Relations and Public Policy), BITS Pilani Goa in collaboration with an IITD startup, Zibatech Wellness Pvt. Ltd has launched a program where we are working on a research project to identify major policy decisions that may help to stop these incidences of abandonment and are collecting a database of all the pet owners in India for making a community where we can help people struggling in taking care of their pets by finding new parents for their pets within that community.

To Join the community, click here.

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